Dr Kristina Mirabeau-Beale, MD, MPH

Kristina Mirabeau-Beale

Kristina Mirabeau-Beale
Radiation Oncologist

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Breast, Lung, Skin, Gastrointestinal and Gynecologic Malignancies


Kristina Mirabeau-Beale, MD, MPH, is a highly renowned board-certified radiation oncologist practicing in Southwest Florida. She received her undergraduate and medical degrees at Harvard University and completed her residency at the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program, a combined training program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.

Dr. Mirabeau-Beale has extensive experience in treating all cancer types with an emphasis on breast, lung, prostate, and GI cancers. She utilizes an integrative care approach and develops her treatment plans using Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), stereotactic radiosurgery techniques, stereotactic body radiotherapy techniques (SBRT), and other advanced techniques in radiation therapy.

Dr. Mirabeau-Beale has been influential on a national level in providing input regarding breast cancer research. She serves as the co-chair for the US Breast Cancer Research Group for GenesisCare and is an invited speaker on breast cancer radiotherapy and cancer disparities at national meetings. She maintains a strong working relationship with colleagues in the Harvard Cancer Program and locally at Moffitt and Miami Cancer Institute.

A native Floridian, Dr. Mirabeau-Beale provides high-quality, compassionate, evidence-based, and academic-center level care. Losing her father and close family members to cancer, she cares deeply about her patients and their families and understands their needs. She incorporates integrity, respect, and compassion through patient education and empowerment.

MRIdian® specialist: Dr. Mirabeau-Beale

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  • Harvard College, Anthropology and Women’s Studies, Cambridge, MA
  • Harvard Medical School, Medical Degree, Boston, MA
  • Harvard School of Public Health, Master of Public Health, Boston, MA


  • Harvard Radiation Oncology Program Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Mass General Hospital, Radiation Oncology, Boston, MA


  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Internal Medicine, Boston, MA

Expertise And Interests


  • Breast, Lung, Skin, Gastrointestinal and Gynecologic Malignancies


  • Palliative Care, Integrative Oncology
  • Board Certified in Radiation Oncology

Professional associations


Awards and honors

  • Ghiso Fellowship for Palliative Care, 2009 (Harvard Medical School)
  • Thomas Brown McClelland Fellowship from the Miami Rotary Club, 2007-2009
  • Linanne Scholarship (Harvard Medical School), 2007-2009
  • Joseph Garrison Parker Prize (Harvard College)

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October 31, 2022

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No Cancer Left Behind: What You Need to Know About Rare Breast Cancers

October 25, 2022

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MRIdian® by Viewray: Cancer treatment in Fort Myers

MRIdian®is the first MR-guided radiotherapy system with peer-reviewed evidence demonstrating reduced side effects and extended survival by decreasing treatment volumes and delivering ablative doses.

Your treatment will be provided by Dr. Kristina Maribeau-Beale, one of our leading radiation oncologists who is specially trained to provide radiation therapy using the MRIdian®. They’ll work with a team who are also experts in this kind of advanced radiation therapy to review your referral and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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