What is EBRT?

External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) is a broad term for several radiation therapy techniques most commonly known as ‘radiotherapy or radiation therapy’ that use highly sophisticated machines to precisely deliver high-energy radiation to destroy tumors. Radiotherapy is mostly performed on an outpatient basis, so there’s no hospital stay required, and is usually performed once a day over a few weeks. Radiotherapy is commonly delivered after surgery or a course of chemotherapy or occasionally at the same time as chemotherapy. At GenesisCare we ensure only evidenced-based, world-class protocols are prescribed, so you can be assured your treatment is based on the latest scientific findings and evidence.

At GenesisCare, we offer advanced radiation therapy as standard. There are several different external beam radiation therapies that we offer, including:

After assessing the type of cancer you have, its location and stage, you and your physician will discuss all options and together with you reach a decision about which is the best treatment option for you.

We use many of the latest-generation systems to deliver highly targeted radiation therapy for effective tumor treatment. Our multidisciplinary teams are comprised of world-class physicians and expert radiation therapy teams, who work together to ensure you receive the best possible care.

How does EBRT work?


Before your radiation therapy, you’ll need to undergo imaging scans to help us determine your personalized treatment plan. Your radiation therapy team will take a imaging scan to create a detailed view of your tumor and surrounding organs to establish the exact shape, size and location of your tumor. This is typically a CT scan.

Your radiation oncologist and support team use the images from your scan to determine the total dose of radiation that you will need and exactly where to target it. Using sophisticated computer technology, we can also work out the number of radiation beams and the angles of delivery that are required to achieve your radiation dose.


EBRT is given on a machine known as a linear accelerator (or linac). Before your treatment begins, your radiation therapist will ask you to lie on the treatment table. They may reposition you so your tumor is correctly targeted.

The radiation is accurately targeted at your tumor. We use many of the latest technologies to ensure that your healthy tissues receive as little radiation as possible. You shouldn’t experience any pain during your procedure, however, you may find that you have some tiredness afterwards. Your Oncologist will discuss all likely and unlikely side effects with you, and will ensure you receive the support and information to manage your therapy and reduce the severity and duration of any side effects.

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